Fluid Intelligence

We provide scalable recruiting solutions and support to companies across the globe. From recently funded tech startups looking for the implementation of a turn-key recruiting strategy; to Enterprise clients like Avast Software, who leverage Fluid's team to augment recruiting efforts in North America, London, and Prague, Fluid Intelligence is here to help!

Maggie Ruby-Lynch
Maggie Ruby-Lynch
Vice President, Warner Bros.
"Best I have ever worked with"
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas
CEO, Michael Management.
"Fluid Intelligence delivers! They are fast, professional and there is zero doubt that they know what they are doing. We’ll keep working with Fluid Intelligence and so should you!"
Anne Bisagno
Anne Bisagno
Owner, Xantrion I.T.
"Frankly, they are the best recruiters I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many!"
Jill Maguire-Ward
Jill Maguire-Ward
Head of People, General Assembly.
"Fluid Intelligence is responsive 24×7 and their dedication for their clients shows! Our team loves working with them."

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SME's in Technical, Executive and
Professional Search.

Domestic short-term or long-term solutions that scale to your team’s growth.

Part-time, as needed support provided on a case-by-case basis to dedicated teams.

Technological evaluation and process reviews.

Scalable, turn-key recruiting engagements (onsite or remotely executed).

We offer FiSoft, our proprietary, custom, and feature-rich applicant tracking system as a free resource to active clients.


A powerful and passionate team of developers focused on building cloud based solutions for growing businesses. Working on project basis, they deliver results with high ROI and attention to detail. Ongoing support and continuous improvements are also one of Itirra’s highest priorities, as like any business doesn’t stop evolving, so do its underlying technical solutions.

Whether your project focuses on Marketing, Business Automation, BI/Data Science or System Integration - give Itirra a visit at https://itirra.com

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